Your destination needs pocketi

How it works for you

Getting started with pocketi is quick and easy

  • 1. Set up

    Enter information straight into pocketi  online, or import from an existing data source.

    Easily upload and resize photos all within pocketi .

    Easy to understand training for you and your team, plus friendly help and support throughout the process.

  • 2. Publish

    When you’re ready to go, we’ll publish your App at the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

    Your App will be reviewed by Apple and Google, made available for download and you can start promoting it.

  • 3. Update

    Update your information whenever you want – just logon to pocketi  and make any changes you need.

    New data will automatically be sent to the App so customers stay up to date..

    Check user feedback at the App Store and use it to refine your content.

    Suggest new features for pocketi .

Provide your visitors with all the information they need

How it works for your customers

Consider the App a mobile Tourist Information Centre with loads of information about your destination.

  • 1. Download

    Visitors download the App onto their phone at home before they come or in their hotel.

    Visitors can find out all about your destination before they arrive with information pages as well as listings.

    On arrival, the phone’s GPS system will show visitors where they are in relation to the nearest car park or place to eat using the listing or the map view.

  • 2. Enjoy

    The on phone maps make it easy to work out where visitors are versus where they want to go.

    Because data is stored on the phone, there’s no need for a WiFi connection or expensive network charges whilst out and about.

    Visitors know what’s happening when, as the information in the App is updated regularly.

  • 3. Refresh

    When vistitors are connected to the Internet the App will automatically check for any updates.

    Any updates available will be downloaded so yourApp stays up to date all the time.