European visitors ‘turn phones off’ to avoid charges

EU turn off“More than a quarter of European visitors turn their phones off to avoid the risk of roaming charges, research from the European Commission suggests.”

This is why you need your information stored directly on your destination App. Pocketi Apps ensure that the data is available immediately and without any costly download charges, avoiding disappointing users of your App.

Read the full article on the BBC website.

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Easy access to App content

New Dashboard  for quick access to App content

New Dashboard

It’s not only the Apps we keep improving and adding great new features to. We are also working constantly on improving the admin area of pocketi.
If we can make anything simpler or quicker for our customers, we will.

As part of the ongoing work in this area we have updated the dashboard.

When you login to the admin area you now see an instant snapshot of how your App is performing, what live App content you have and details about your most recent updates. The dashboard means it’s now even quicker and easier to make content decisions or just get a feel for how things are progressing.

App content overview

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Why have a destination App – facts and figures

The numbers and the growth in mobile and Apps are staggering. Here are a few numbers to illustrate why you really should have a destination App. Click to view the high-resolution version.


Why have a Destination App – the facts & figures

Destination App – the facts & figures



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Pocketi goes social

social app sharingSocial App Sharing

This week we have released the first phase of social app sharing functionality for pocketi Apps. Visitors using your App can now share your fantastic App content via Twitter and Facebook and also by using email and SMS.

From any details screen, users just click the ‘share’ link and select the appropriate sharing option. The App will do the rest!

We have also added a ‘review App’ prompt so App users can provide feedback.

After visitors have used an App a few times, a message pops up asking for a review. There is minimal disruption for the App user but does encourage some feedback. It is important to get feedback from visitors so we can carry on improving the App, leading to a better experience for all our users.

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