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Techies like to throw around lots of jargon and they are also fond of the odd abbreviation. You may have heard of all these words being bandied about and are not quite sure what they all mean or how they fit together so in this series we will try and put it down in a nutshell.

What is Android and how does Google fit in?

Before we talk about Android we shall discuss something entirely else first and hopefully which you will be more familiar with first and then hopefully it will all make sense. PC’s. When you are sat down to do some work the chances are it is on a PC/Computer. The computer itself is known as the […]

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What is Apple / iphone / iOS / Apps, are they all the same thing?

Apple (Apple Inc) Apple is a company that makes and invents technology. They were the founded in 1976 by 3 gentlemen, the most well known being Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. They designed a built some of the first personal computers (PC’s). They developed a wide range of computing products (Apple, Apple II, Macintosh, iMac, […]

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