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Why have a destination App – facts and figures

The numbers and the growth in mobile and Apps are staggering. Here are a few numbers to illustrate why you really should have a destination App. Click to view the high-resolution version.   Destination App – the facts & figures   Sources:

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Tourism App checklist

What to expect from your tourism App Use our handy guide to help work out what you should be expecting from your tourism App. This App checklist will assist you in making sure your App delivers the right experience to your visitors and becomes a valuable piece of your marketing mix. You should not be […]

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Android testing

Whilst there is no substitution for hands on testing it is important to have tools and processes in place to check what you are doing as you are going along. The code we write is supported by hundreds of tests, data goes in one end and out the other. Functions and libraries are checked to […]

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