Why choose pocketi?

  • Earth Globe

    A world in their pocket

    pocketi has all the information your visitors need: facilities, accommodation, activities, attractions, eating & drinking and events – plus photos and maps.

  • Fresh

    Always up to date

    Unlike a printed guide, a pocketi tourism App never goes out of date. When your information is updated, so is your tourist App.

  • Poor Signal

    Always available

    pocketi downloads all data, including maps, to your visitors’ phone or tablet, so they can use it in areas where mobile signals are weak or nonexistent.

  • Info on the go

    Info on the go

    Your pocketi App displays nearby places to visit and shows them on a map of the area even without an internet connection.

  • Powerful

    Simply powerful

    pocketi is incredibly easy to use, and flexible enough to make your tourist App just the way you want it.

  • Easy to use

    No techies required

    If you can use standard software like Word and Internet Explorer, you can use pocketi.

  • Unbeatable value

    Unbeatable value

    As the most competitively priced tourist App solution, pocketi puts a brilliant App easily within your reach.

  • Keep them coming back

    Keep them coming back

    Your pocketi App means visitors can research your destination before they visit and stays on their device as a souvenir and a reminder to return.

  • Grow with us

    Grow with us

    We’re constantly developing pocketi based on client feedback. Get involved today and see the new features you want tomorrow.