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As the importance of mobile technology to promote destinations continues to grow at a rapid rate, more organisations are turning towards the use of Apps to compliment and in some cases even replace traditional media. Apps could be considered a bit of a trend or a buzz word and they’re certainly a much talked about ’hot topic’ agenda item, but they’re also here to stay. Stats show that more and more people are using their smart phones and tablets to gain access to information and data instead of sitting down in front of a computer.

The attraction of providing an App to promote to an area or location as part of a BID or TBID makes perfect sense to destinations and investing in a pocketi App means you can create your own App covering your BID or TBID area in an easy and cost effective manner. When you know the area you want to cover, a practical, tourism focused App dedicated to your BID boundaries can be delivered extremely quickly giving your destination a one-stop-shop for up-to-date and detailed information on any area within finger tip reach of a visitor. The App can be launched within a few weeks of your BID being won and presented as your first project.

The costs involved with a pocketi App can be represented as a proportional cost for the businesses involved. There is an initial signup fee of £1,950 + VAT, then an annual cost of £1,639 + VAT for access and updates. The chart below shows what the costs would be per participating business. When you consider these figures in relation to the BID levy to be raised on each business, a pocketi App will immediately give each BID paying tourism provider a tangible benefit to their participation.


Time Period Total Cost over period Annual cost per 100 businesses Annual cost per 250 businesses Annual cost per 500 businesses
3 Years

£6, 867




4 Years





5 Years





                         (all prices ex VAT)


A pocketi App really is an incredibly low cost solution to destination management or marketing organisations looking for a practical, functional, Tourist Information Centre in your pocket App. The App does not rely on having a permanent internet connection available as all the information is stored within the App (text, images and maps). You can update the App whenever you require ensuring that the content is fresh for the visitor.

If you would like to find out more about how a pocketi App will work for you BID please get in touch.


(Please note that all costs are based on our current rates as displayed on the website)